How it works:

  • Roll off containers are rented for one week. For example, if we drop the box on Tuesday we will be back the following Tuesday to pick it up. Please keep in mind the drop off/pick up schedule isn’t time specific so we could drop and collect our box anytime on your scheduled delivery or pick up day. If you need us to pick the box up before the week is up, just give us a call. We will need a 24-hour notice and then will be out to pick it up! We will try our best to drop the containers in the area designated by the customer, however, if we are unable to drop it at the exact location, we will place it as close as we can to the original agreed upon location. If you need the box longer than a week, there is a $5 rental per day for each day after the original scheduled week that will be collected before we pick up the box. Otherwise, the box will be collected on the original specified day. If you need to swap the box, you may do so at a discounted rate ($75 off original box price).

Material Limitations:

  • Customer agrees not to dispose of chemicals, biohazardous materials, tires, fuels, or motor oil in our boxes.
  • If you are disposing of concrete, block/brick, sand, shingles, dirt or glass please use caution as these items will easily overload containers.


  • 10yd: 10’ long, 48” side walls
  • 15yd: 12’ long, 60” side walls


  • All payments on our roll offs will be collected upfront.
  • We will drop the box within 24-48 hours after your payment is processed